Vpp Control Loop (Firmware V00M)


This week I decided to work on the control loop. I decided to add a simple adjustment scheme to the 5 mS system timer event. And then create a way to change the required voltage in increments of 0.1 Volts starting at 10.0


I created a local “static” variable in the events.c file for the target voltage. I then created a function to set this variable target_voltage and another function to get the value of target_voltage.  I then added a simple if statement into the 5ms event that increments the duty cycle of the Sigma Delta if the measured value is too low and decrements it otherwise.  I compiled and tried this, Vpp is ugly.

pic_42_3The automatic measurements of the scope show a minimum voltage of 4.0 Volts and a maximum of 26.6V and it is repeating.   My best guess was it’s always incrementing. So I checked for  a copy and paste error in the adjustment code.  And that is exactly what I found.  I had made the increment line, then I copied it and forgot to change it to decrement. This is a classic copy and paste error or mistake.  I fixed the code uploaded it and it was ugly again.  I had forgotten to scale the output of the adc. Once I fixed that I was getting the 10 Volts I was looking for.

I get the voltage I am looking for, unfortunately with a lot of ripple.  There is something that happens about once every second that causes a blip of about ±2.8Volts from my target voltage.  This is unacceptable, I need to figure out what is causing this ripple. I disabled the radio to see what would happen.  Vpp settled down to 9.8 to 11.4 volts.  So about 1.6 volts P-P verses 5.2.  Much better, but I need the radio to be working.


I got the control loop working, but I have some issues to work through.  The ripple lasted longer than 5mS. This suggests that if I had stopped adjusting while the radio is active, it might be a bit more stable.  I would like to see some way to set/clear a variable based on whether the radio is in an active state or not.  I will be considering my options.  I have uploaded the code to github, click the link in the right hand column to go look at it.

I want to know how the 2.0 SDK will affect my code.  I plan on upgrading to it next week.

Have you written a simple control loop? How about a more complex one such as a PID control loop?


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