New PCBs


I received the PCBs from PCBWay this week.  I have not received the level shifter yet.

The PCBs

The new PCBs look good.  Unfortunately the silkscreen part of my logo is not as crisp as I had hoped.  The arrows still have too small of a gap and the silkscreen bridged together at one point.  I still need to modify the logo.


Side Projects:

As an embedded systems developer I often have to work on multiple projects concurrently. This works well when I have to wait on something to happen. Unfortunately, there is also a cost to switching projects.  It takes time to switch from one project to another.  There are multiple little time wasters anytime I change to another project.

I have been considering starting a simple side project.  I have a need to detect current in a wire or a fuse.  To do this I am thinking of using a magnetometer.  Magnetometers are sensitive enough to use as a compass.  So my idea is to make an Arduino compass toy.  This design will be small and simple and I will not go into as much detail as I do here.  I will post this project on Google Plus in the near future.

Looking Forward:

I want to get the PCB assemblies soldered, and start basic testing.  I was hoping to do that this week but I had more important tasks to do.  I set some goals back at Post 100. The two most important to me right now are basic testing of the entire new design and getting the voltage regulation control loop working well.  I expect to work on one or if things go well, both next week.


Do you have to switch between projects often?  How hard is it to switch? What helps you switch?

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