ADC and PWM V00D

I have implemented the Reading the ADC from a keystroke (R) sent over serial. I have implemented the PWM on GPIO12.  My initial testing of the PWM has a lot of jitter and didn’t perform at the frequency I configured.  I want to set up a Hardware PWM and see how it performs.  Jitter and frequency can be important when running a switching power supply, so I want to get this right. I set GPIO2 high to select Target voltage as the input to the ADC and set a variable power supply at 0.3 volts tested it and got results around 300, then set it to 0.5 volts and got ADC results around 500 indicating it’s working as expected.

The chip doesn’t have a PWM instead it has a built in sigma-delta pulse generator.  It creates a stream of pulses to achieve the specified duty cycle by adding more pulses to fill in the middle. The chip will connect the sigma delta generator to any GPIO pin I choose.  I can use any free pin to drive the boost inductor switch. If I optimize the inductor for the width of the pulse, I should get very efficient voltage conversion.

There is no API configured for the Sigma Delta unit.  I had to write directly to the registers that set the pin connection and the Sigma Delta unit.  I had to do a lot of experimentation to understand how to set up the Sigma Delta pulse generator.  There is a piece of example code on Espressif’s forum that doesn’t work correctly, but gave me the information I needed to figure out how to configure the unit.  The example code tries to be very generic, and my code is over-simplified for testing.


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