Side Project:

I played with the OLED display this week. With the data I have on the display that makes any sense, it should be working.  I received sample code from the distributor I bought the display from.  I modified it to work on arduino, and still no display.  I may have damaged my display while probing the signals.  I shorted Vdd to Vcc with my scope probe.  I saw a little spark and I was no longer getting 13 Volts on Vcc

Included with the sample code is a schematic that has a drop down voltage regulator on it to drive Vcc.  The drop down voltage regulator is configured to regulate to 6 Volts. However, the input to the drop down regulator is Vdd. According to the SSD1332 data sheet, Vdd should not exceed 3.6 Volts.  This suggests that I have incomplete information.  The datasheet also says that Vcc should be between 7 and 20 Volts.

I am thinking I will disable the switching regulator and do further testing while sending individual commands.  I think I might try one of the 8 bit interfaces to see if I can write to and read from RAM. That will confirm the data interface is wired correctly.

Port Expander vs Level Shifter:

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Easy SDK Upgrade


I started the upgrade to the newest version of the SDK.


Upgrading went pretty smoothly.  I had previously downloaded the newest SDK. So I made sure there wasn’t a newer version.  Next I extracted the SDK folder from the downloaded zip file.  I renamed the old folder to indicate it’s version number. I renamed the new SDK folder to Uprogrammer. I copied the code folder (Uprogrammer Firmware) from the old SDK folder into this new one.

Then I compiled (Success), Uploaded (also success after I copied esptools folder), and interacted with the application over serial (again success). Everything seemed to be going great.

Then I opened Eclipse… It didn’t find the project.  So I set my file manager to show hidden files.  I noticed the .metadata folder was not in the new directory. I copied it and still no joy.  I did this for all of the hidden files and it still didn’t work.  I then realized I must not have gotten the spelling of my folder correct.  I checked, the ‘p’ in the folder name needed to be capitalized.

Finally, I checked Git-Cola to see if it worked correctly.  It came up and showed me a bunch of untracked files that were generated by the build I had just done (another success).

This was a very easy upgrade.

The request:

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