I have received a reply on the Espressif forum that gives a few suggestions.  The suggestions did get me thinking about the problem in a new way, I’ll see where this leads.

Moving Forward:

I have not been very motivated to work on this project.  The lack of feedback makes me wonder if anybody is getting any value out of what I write.  I have been very busy in my Embedded systems consulting business. I have worked on it for over two years now.  I feel like I have hit two significant roadblocks.

I have decided to fight this lack of motivation.  There are a few things I do when I am struggling with motivation.  There is a song by Martina McBride called “Anyway”, I like to play it when I am feeling discouraged.  I also saw a couple of Ted talks by Brene’ Brown about vulnerability and shame that I like to revisit.  They remind me that the risks I take in putting my work out to the world have intrinsic value.

Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation creativity and change. — Brene’ Brown

Man in the Arena

The Roadblocks:

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