KiCad EDA tools

I have never used the KiCad toolset.   The schematic capture tool I am familiar with is an older version of OrCad.  The industry tools have changed a lot, I expect a steep learning curve.

KiCad is open source, and free to use.  I will be posting my schematics, layout files, and new part libraries. This allows you to edit and suggest changes/ideas along the design path.

KiCad is available on Windows, Mac, and Linux machines.

KiCad is in the Ubuntu Software Center.  This makes installing as easy as searching for “KiCad” selecting the install package, and click on install.  The software center prompts me to authenticate and I proceed with the install.  I also selected the English help file to download with the install. The version I installed is 2013-jul-07 Stable.

Ubuntu Studio places the KiCad Launcher in the Development menu folder. I ran it and got a dashboard for all the tools that come along with KiCad. This dashboard also helps manage projects.

Kicad Dashboard

There are tutorials linked to from the KiCad Website that I will be checking out this week.