Functional testing for layout V00B

For testing purposes, I chose to put the code that I can control over a serial terminal into the ESP-12E. I had to make a few modifications for the new design.  The version for the last design/layout is archived on GitHub, I can easily go back to it if I find a need.

On the new design, several pins are different than before.  I changed the sigma delta output from GPIO2 to GPIO4 so it can drive the voltage boost circuit. I set GPIO16 to output low to turn on the voltage boost circuit, and I set GPIO2 to output low so that the boosted voltage would be on the programming header.

I had to make adjustments to the build environment to build esp-ginx.  Apparently I managed to break the build environment for the SDK in the process.  For esp-ginx I had updated to the newest version of the compiler toolchain.  This removed some symbolic links, so I couldn’t compile at all.  I fixed the symbolic links, and I am able to compile now, however it compiles without any errors but doesn’t make a binary file. Turns out I was in the wrong folder to link properly. Next the calls to GPIO16 causing a failure to compile. I needed to bring in the files gpio16.h and gpio16.c into the project.  Then the project failed to link with the errors “undefined reference to `gpio16_output_conf'” and “undefined reference to `gpio16_output_set'”.  This turned out to be where I placed the file gpio16.c, once I put it in the user folder, that error went away. Then I got a new Error “`.irom0.text’ will not fit in region `irom0_0_seg'” which means I ran out of code space.

While I was looking at the makefiles I noticed a section for configuring the memory in the sdk base folder. SPI SIZE MAP = 4 or 6  both match the ESP-12E. Setting it to 4 and then 6 didn’t fix the problem. Setting BOOT = new and APP to 1 got it to compile and link without errors.

I installed the new code and I get the menu up on my terminal window.

The sigma Delta doesn’t seem to be outputting anything on any pin. This means more testing.