No new information on the ADC feature request on Espressif”s forums.

Side Project:

I have started layout of the SSD1332 Breakout PCB.  I finished the layout and ordered PCBs from OSHPark.  Based on the datasheet for the SSD1332, I can get significantly better performance by using it in one of the 8 bit bus modes.  Someone suggested that I look at STM32 processors to drive the display with.  I will be considering that option this week.

Better Firmware:

I went to YouTube this week to learn a little bit about Test Driven Development(TDD).  I watched one video about the process of TDD and a video about refactoring code.  I don’t have enough experience to know if these videos are worth recommending, So, I am not posting links to them at this time. I can see how these design concepts help to make code better and more reliable.  I am now looking for software development tools that help in doing unit tests and refactoring.

Do you have any recommendations for such software that runs on Linux, and/or works with GCC?  I know Eclipse has some refactoring tools built in, do you know of any tutorials that teach those features on Eclipse?

Electronics Design:

The need for resistors on the level shifter is requiring a re-design.  I am thinking about removing the SPI RAM from the design. I would like to see how much throughput I can get if I dump packets out on the SPI.  With high throughput, maybe I won’t need the extra RAM. This would reduce costs and simplify the design.

I am also considering changing the voltage boost circuit to use a switching controller and using the Sigma Delta to control the feedback to the controller.  This will take some experimentation to see if it will work.  I could turn off the modem to use the ADC accurately to set the Vpp Voltage and then re-enable the modem and restore the connection to the WiFi access point.  This would mean that setting the Vpp and measuring Target voltage would require a temporary disconnect, but could be done accurately.

Your Feedback:

Do you know of any good tutorials for unit testing?  Especially for embedded systems?

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