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I have been writing this blog for almost two years now.  With only about two hundred views per month. Of the two hundred per month, only about twenty five are returning visitors. I have received six real comments in this time.(and tons of spam comments)

I was hoping to get more comments to help me know what is interesting to the people that do make it to my site.  Also, I am not a writer, I am unsure if I am giving too much information or not enough.  These statistics are a little disappointing, but I will continue to write and hopefully improve my skills.

Status Update

The boards are fabricated and have been shipped from PCBWay.  I am looking forward to testing the changes  I have made to the layout.  While doing some testing, I hooked up the lithium cell backwards and fried the charger chip. I replaced it and the board is back up and running.  I have ordered the new level translator chip so I will be able to test it when the new boards come in.

Looking Forward

As I build it this next time, I will be looking for ways to make it less expensive and more reliable.  One thing I would like to improve is how easy the board is to solder, the lithium cell charger is very difficult to solder.

In the coming weeks, I plan on re-testing the hardware, Improving the software, and doing some functional testing.  In essence, I am hoping to move from prototype stage to alpha stage.  The software should start to look like the final product and the electronics shouldn’t need to change much if at all.


Test basic all functionality of all hardware.
Automate VPP voltage regulation.
Clearly define software/user interface.
Throughput test putting data in RAM
Do basic target system test.

That last goal will look something like putting a chip into programming mode and reading out the chip ID.  I have several Microchip devices available that I can test that with.  I might also test this with an arduino board using the ICSP header.

I have a side project that I plan on posting on Google Plus.  Just a quick Arduino based design.  I will link to those posts when I get them up.

Do you write a blog?  How do you check your metrics?  What are some electronics design goals you have?

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