Preparing for fabrication and population Hardware V00F

This week is about getting the files ready for ordering.  I thought about calling it Sometimes you have to do boring stuff II.  I’ve pushed an update to github so that fabrication files and the new BOM are available to download.

I started by running a BOM file from PCBnew.  I gave it a different name so that I could compare with the Last BOM. I opened the V00B file and then the new file called programmerV00F.  I set them up so I could see the differences.  There might be a good merge tool, but I don’t know of it.  Line by line I started going through the components.  Adding, removing, or updating each one. I deleted the lines that represented things that did not need to be ordered. This included the battery, mounting holes, and my logo. Once the obvious items had been taken care of, I went through it line by line and took counted my inventory of each item to make sure I had enough components to build one board.

I wrote the reference designator on each component bag as I went through the BOM.  This will save me time as I populate the PCB.  I found R5 in the BOM and I remembered I still need to experiment with it’s value, so I will pull it from a resistor kit. I skipped the charge indicator LEDs and their limiting resistors, I am not sure I want them yet. I changed my mind, I decided to get 5 each of the green and LEDs and I will use resistors out of my Resistor kit.

V00FDcartI ran the fabrication files to get gerber formatted layout files and the numerical drill file. I overwrote the older files because I knew that they were stored in a zip file. I then packaged them into a new zip file named  I did a quick review of the output files, and I am ready to order.

I’d love to hear what your thoughts are on this design.

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