Brainstorming is a good way to get ideas. It’s usefull at the specification stage as well as when the design gets stuck and you can’t figure something out. It’s best to just throw out ideas without judging their usefullness. Although some Ideas may be impossible/impractical, they may lead to other ideas that are a perfect fit for the design.

Design Features:(Brainstorming)

Support all TI, Microchip, Atmel, AMD, Intel, and Cypress programming algorithms. Other manufacturers are possibilities.

Support logic levels from 1.8 v to 12 v Plus +12 v for RS232.

Support programming voltage range from 1.8 v to 24 v

Control logic timing accurate to 0.1 µs

Self contained with rechargable LiPo cell

Micro USB recharging

USB bootloader firmware update

Bluetooth serial as main interface, USB as alternate interface

Standalone mode

Two status LEDs and one tactile pushbutton switch

Open Hardware/Hackable

On board proto area, extra pins for expanding design


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